CA Foundation Exam: Obtaining a Copy of the Question Paper After the Exam


The CA Foundation exam is a significant milestone for aspiring Chartered Accountants. After the exam, candidates may have a curiosity to review the question paper and evaluate their performance. In this blog, we will discuss the process of obtaining a copy of the CA Foundation question paper after the exam.

CA Foundation Exam: Obtaining a Copy of the Question Paper After the Exam

Access to Question Paper:

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) understands the importance of evaluating one’s performance and learning from the exam experience. However, the ICAI does not provide a copy of the question paper to individual candidates after the CA Foundation exam.

Confidentiality and Security:

The ICAI maintains strict confidentiality and security protocols regarding the question papers to ensure fairness and integrity in the examination process. Disclosing the question papers to candidates may compromise the confidentiality and fairness of future exams. Therefore, the ICAI does not distribute or release the question papers to candidates after the exam.

Evaluation through Mock Tests and Study Material:

While obtaining a copy of the actual question paper may not be possible, candidates can still evaluate their performance through other means. The ICAI provides mock tests and sample question papers on its official website, which candidates can access and use for practice. These mock tests are designed to simulate the exam environment and help candidates assess their preparedness.

Additionally, candidates can refer to the study material provided by the ICAI, which includes practice questions, previous year’s question papers, and suggested answers. Analyzing these resources can provide insights into the type of questions asked in the CA Foundation exam and help candidates identify areas for improvement.

Post-Exam Analysis and Feedback:

After the CA Foundation exam, the ICAI may release general analysis and feedback about the exam, including important topics, trends, and suggestions for future exams. Candidates can refer to such information to gain a broader understanding of the exam and identify areas where they can enhance their preparation for future attempts.

Engaging with Peers and Mentors:

Another valuable way to assess performance and gain insights is by engaging in discussions with peers, mentors, or faculty members who have expertise in the field. Sharing experiences, discussing questions, and seeking feedback can provide a holistic perspective on performance and help identify areas of strength and improvement.


While obtaining a copy of the CA Foundation question paper after the exam is not possible, candidates can still evaluate their performance and learn from the experience through alternative methods. By utilizing mock tests, sample question papers, study materials, and engaging in discussions with peers and mentors, candidates can gain insights, assess their preparedness, and identify areas for improvement. The focus should be on utilizing the available resources and feedback mechanisms provided by the ICAI to enhance knowledge and skills for future exams.

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