CMA Syllabus 2023

The CMA exams for 2023 will follow the CMA 2022 syllabus, which applies to courses offered at three distinct levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. This revised syllabus, CMA 2022, will serve as the basis for crafting the question papers for the upcoming CMA exams. The syllabus for each of these three courses and their corresponding exams is independently established by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI).

The CMA Foundation course syllabus encompasses fundamental concepts in accounting and management. On the other hand, the Intermediate and Final course syllabi are divided into two groups and encompass a wide range of topics, including accounting, management, laws, and more. Candidates who successfully clear the CMA Foundation exam become eligible to pursue the Intermediate and Final exams. For further details regarding the CMA 2022 syllabus for Foundation, Intermediate, and Final courses, please continue reading below.

The CMA Foundation course syllabus is organized into four key fundamental courses, each covering specific subject areas. The topics outlined in the CMA Foundation exam syllabus, as prescribed by either ICWAI or ICAI, are as follows:

Foundation Course:

  1. PAPER 1: Fundamentals Of Business Laws and Business Communication (FBLC)
  2. PAPER 2: Fundamentals Of Financial and Cost Accounting (FFCA)
  3. PAPER 3: Fundamentals Of Business Mathematics and Statistics (FBMS)
  4. PAPER 4: Fundamentals Of Business Economics and Management (FBEM)

Certainly, here’s a rewritten version of the CMA Intermediate and Final Course syllabus:

CMA Intermediate Course Syllabus

The CMA Intermediate syllabus is structured into two groups: Group I and Group II, with each group covering specific subject areas:

Group I:

  1. PAPER 5: Business Laws and Ethics (BLE)
  2. PAPER 6: Financial Accounting (FA)
  3. PAPER 7: Direct and Indirect Taxation (DITX)
  4. PAPER 8: Cost Accounting (CA)

Group II:

  1. PAPER 9: Operations Management and Strategic Management (OMSM)
  2. PAPER 10: Corporate Accounting and Auditing (CAA)
  3. PAPER 11: Financial Management and Business Data Analytics (FMDA)
  4. PAPER 12: Management Accounting (MA)

CMA Final Course Syllabus

The CMA syllabus for the Final course exam consists of two groups: Group III and Group IV, encompassing advanced-level topics:

Group III:

  1. PAPER 13: Corporate and Economic Laws (CEL)
  2. PAPER 14: Strategic Financial Management (SFM)
  3. PAPER 15: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation (DIT)
  4. PAPER 16: Strategic Cost Management (SCM)

Group IV:

  1. PAPER 17: Cost and Management Audit (CMAD)
  2. PAPER 18: Corporate Financial Reporting (CFR)
  3. PAPER 19: Indirect Tax Laws and Practice (ITLP)
  4. PAPER 20: Choose one of the following subjects:
    a. PAPER 20A: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation (SPMBV)
    b. PAPER 20B: Risk Management in Banking and Insurance (RMBI)
    c. PAPER 20C: Entrepreneurship and Start-Up (ENTS)

These courses cover a comprehensive range of subjects at different levels of complexity, preparing candidates for the challenges and opportunities in the field of Cost and Management Accounting.

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