Math at Your Fingertips: Carrying a Transparent Pocket Calculator to the CSEET Exam Hall


The Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is a significant examination conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) for individuals aspiring to become certified company secretaries. As candidates prepare for the CSEET, many wonder about the use of calculators during the exam. In this blog, we will explore the guidelines set by ICSI regarding the use of calculators during the CSEET and whether candidates can carry a transparent pocket calculator inside the exam hall.

Math at Your Fingertips: Carrying a Transparent Pocket Calculator to the CSEET Exam Hall

Calculator Usage during CSEET

The ICSI allows the use of calculators during the CSEET examination; however, there are specific guidelines that candidates must adhere to:

1. Permissible Calculators: Only battery-operated, non-programmable, and non-printing calculators are allowed inside the CSEET exam hall. These calculators should have basic arithmetic and mathematical functions.

2. Prohibition of Smartphones and Digital Devices: Candidates are strictly prohibited from using smartphones, digital devices, or any electronic gadgets other than the permitted calculator during the exam.

3. Calculator Labeling: Before entering the exam hall, candidates must ensure that their calculators are labeled with their name and registration number. This helps in avoiding any confusion during the verification process.

4. Transparent Pocket Calculator: While the guidelines do not specifically mention the requirement for a transparent pocket calculator, the calculator must comply with the specifications mentioned above. A transparent pocket calculator that meets the criteria is likely to be permitted.

Advantages of Carrying a Transparent Pocket Calculator

1. Convenient and Compact: Transparent pocket calculators are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, making them a convenient tool for quick calculations during the exam.

2. Clear Display: The transparency of the calculator allows candidates to see both the calculator and their exam papers clearly, minimizing any chances of error or confusion.

3. Compliance with Guidelines: Carrying a transparent pocket calculator ensures that candidates adhere to the guidelines set by ICSI for calculator usage during the CSEET.

4. Confidence in Accuracy: Having a reliable calculator at hand instills confidence in candidates, allowing them to perform calculations accurately and efficiently during the examination.


In conclusion, candidates appearing for the CSEET are permitted to use calculators during the exam, as long as they meet the specific guidelines set by ICSI. A transparent pocket calculator that is battery-operated, non-programmable, and non-printing is likely to be permitted inside the exam hall. It is crucial for candidates to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a fair and standardized examination process.

While a transparent pocket calculator can be a valuable aid during the CSEET, candidates must also remember that preparation and understanding of concepts are equally vital for success in the examination. Practicing with the calculator and being familiar with its functions beforehand can enhance the efficiency of its use during the actual exam.

Aspiring company secretaries should approach the CSEET with confidence, knowing that the use of a permitted calculator can support them in performing complex calculations with ease. By staying informed about the guidelines and preparing diligently, candidates can focus on showcasing their knowledge and skills to achieve success in the CSEET examination.

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