Mapping Your Path to Success: Understanding the CA Exam Timetable


The Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams represent a significant milestone in the journey towards becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant. Aspiring CAs must prepare diligently and strategically for these rigorous assessments. One essential aspect of exam preparation is knowing the CA exam timetable, which outlines the dates and schedule for the various exams. In this blog, we will explore the CA exam timetable, shedding light on the exam cycle and providing valuable insights to help candidates plan and execute their preparation effectively.

1. CA Exam Cycle

The CA exams are conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in two cycles each year:

– May/ June Examination Cycle: The May cycle typically takes place in May/June.

– November/December Examination Cycle: The November cycle usually takes place in November/December

2. CA Exam Levels and Subjects

The CA exams are divided into three levels: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. Each level consists of specific subjects, and the exams are conducted over a series of days for each subject.

3. CA Foundation Exam Timetable

The CA Foundation exam comprises four papers, and the timetable is usually announced well in advance by the ICAI. usually foundation exam held in June and December, two times in a Year. The exams are conducted in shifts, and candidates must be aware of the dates, timings, and subject order to plan their preparation effectively.

4. CA Intermediate Exam Timetable

The CA Intermediate exam consists of six papers divided into two groups. The timetable for the CA Intermediate exams is released by the ICAI, indicating the dates and timings for each subject in both Group I and Group II. usually intermediate exam held in May and November , twice in a year.

5. CA Final Exam Timetable

The CA Final exam is the last stage of the CA qualification, and candidates face two groups of exams. The ICAI announces the CA Final exam timetable well in advance, specifying the dates and timings for each subject in both Group I and Group II. usually final exams held in May and November, twice in a year .

6. Exam Duration and Breaks

Understanding the exam duration and the duration of breaks between exams is crucial for candidates to manage their time efficiently during the exam days. Being aware of the breaks allows candidates to plan their preparation and relaxation accordingly.

7. Revisions and Mock Tests

Utilize the exam timetable to create a revision schedule, dedicating specific time slots for each subject in the days leading up to the exams. Take advantage of the gaps between exams to review important topics and attempt mock tests to assess your exam readiness.


The CA exam timetable plays a vital role in helping candidates plan their exam preparation strategically. By being aware of the exam dates, timings, and subjects, candidates can organize their study schedule efficiently and ensure ample time for revision and practice. Effective time management and thorough preparation are the keys to success in the CA exams. Candidates should utilize the official study materials provided by the ICAI, practice with mock tests, seek guidance from reputable coaching institutes, and stay focused on their goal. Remember that conquering the CA exams is a challenging yet rewarding journey, and with dedication and perseverance, aspiring Chartered Accountants can unlock the path to professional success and make a valuable contribution to the financial world.

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