Additional Answer Sheets in the CA Foundation Exam: Ensuring Sufficient Writing Space


The CA Foundation exam is a significant step towards becoming a Chartered Accountant, requiring candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in various subjects. As candidates tackle the exam, they may wonder if they can obtain extra answer sheets if needed, ensuring sufficient writing space for their responses. In this blog, we will explore the provision of additional answer sheets in the CA Foundation exam, providing clarity on the process and guidelines.

Additional Answer Sheets in the CA Foundation Exam: Ensuring Sufficient Writing Space

Provision of Additional Answer Sheets:

To ensure that candidates have ample space to answer the questions in the CA Foundation exam, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) makes provision for additional answer sheets, if required. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Requesting Extra Answer Sheets:

During the exam, if a candidate feels that they need additional writing space to answer a particular question or for any other reason, they can request extra answer sheets. This is particularly helpful in cases where a question requires detailed explanations or calculations.

2. Informing the Invigilator:

To obtain extra answer sheets, candidates must inform the invigilator present in the examination hall. Raise your hand or seek the attention of an invigilator to convey your need for additional writing space. They will provide you with the necessary answer sheets.

Guidelines for Additional Answer Sheets:

While extra answer sheets are available, it is important to adhere to certain guidelines when using them:

1. Fill Out the Details Clearly:

Ensure that you fill out the required details, such as your roll number, subject code, and other necessary information, on each additional answer sheet provided. This helps in proper identification and evaluation of your answer sheets.

2. Use the Answer Sheets Sequentially:

When provided with additional answer sheets, use them sequentially, starting from the next available page. Avoid skipping pages or using them out of order, as it may cause confusion during evaluation.

3. Indicate Continuation:

If you are continuing your answer on an additional answer sheet, clearly indicate the continuation by mentioning “Continued on Page X” or “Continued from Page X” on the relevant sheets. This helps the evaluator match the answer sheets correctly.

4. Tie the Answer Sheets Securely:

Once you have completed your answers, ensure that you securely tie the additional answer sheets with the main answer booklet using the provided tag or string. This prevents any misplaced or detached sheets during handling and evaluation.

5. Follow the Instructions Provided:

It is crucial to follow any additional instructions or guidelines provided by the invigilators regarding the usage of extra answer sheets. These instructions may vary depending on the specific exam center and invigilator.


The provision of additional answer sheets in the CA Foundation exam ensures that candidates have sufficient writing space to answer questions comprehensively. By informing the invigilator of the need for extra sheets and adhering to the guidelines provided, candidates can effectively utilize the additional space while maintaining clarity and organization in their answers. It is important to remember to fill out the necessary details, use the answer sheets sequentially, indicate continuations, and tie the sheets securely. By following these guidelines, candidates can ensure a smooth examination experience and focus on demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

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