The Validity of CA Registration: Understanding the Journey


The journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) is a rigorous and rewarding process that opens doors to a promising career in the field of finance and accounting. Many aspiring CAs wonder about the validity of their CA registration and how long they have to complete the various stages of the CA course. In this blog, we will shed light on the validity of CA registration and the timeline to complete each stage of the CA course.

1. Validity of CA Registration

The CA registration is valid for a specific duration, typically set by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The validity period for CA registration ensures that candidates complete the course within a reasonable timeframe. It is crucial to be aware of the registration validity to plan your study schedule effectively.

2. Foundation Course

The CA journey begins with the Foundation Course. Once registered for the Foundation Course, the validity of the registration is valid for four years. During this period, candidates are required to clear the Foundation exam to progress to the next level.

3. Intermediate Course

Upon successfully passing the Foundation exam, candidates can register for the Intermediate Course. The validity of the Intermediate Course registration is also five years. Similar to the Foundation level, candidates must pass both groups of the Intermediate exam within this timeframe to advance to the next stage.

4. Articleship Training

After clearing the Intermediate exam, aspiring CAs are required to undergo a mandatory Articleship training. The Articleship training period is two years for direct entry students and for students who enter through the Foundation route.

5. Final Course

After completing the Articleship training, candidates can register for the Final Course. The Final Course registration is valid for ten years. During this period, candidates must pass both groups of the Final exam to become a qualified CA.

6. Revalidation of Registration

If the validity period of your registration expires without completing a particular stage, you can apply for revalidation by paying a nominal fee. Revalidation extends the validity of your registration for an additional three years, allowing you more time to complete the pending stages of the CA course.

7. Importance of Time Management

Time management is essential throughout the CA journey. It is crucial to plan your study schedule, exams, and Articleship training efficiently to make the most of the registration validity. Staying committed to a well-structured study plan will significantly enhance your chances of completing the CA course successfully.


The validity of CA registration varies at each stage of the CA course, ranging from three to five years. It is essential to keep track of your registration validity and plan your studies accordingly. Remember that time management and dedication are crucial to completing the CA course within the specified timeframes. If you find that your registration is about to expire, consider applying for revalidation to extend the validity and continue your pursuit of becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant. Embrace the CA journey with determination, and let your passion for finance and accounting drive you towards a successful and fulfilling career.

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