Embracing Inclusivity: Applying for CA Exams as a Differently-Abled Candidate


The Chartered Accountancy (CA) profession upholds the values of diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that every aspiring Chartered Accountant has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. For differently-abled candidates, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of your country (ICAI) has implemented policies and provisions to ensure a fair and accessible examination process. In this blog, we will explore how differently-abled candidates can apply for CA exams, highlighting the support and accommodations available to empower them in their CA journey.

Embracing Inclusivity: Applying for CA Exams as a Differently-Abled Candidate

Registration Process for Differently-Abled Candidates

1. Online Registration: Differently-abled candidates can register for the CA exams online through the ICAI’s official website, just like any other candidate.

2. Disability Certificate: To avail of the benefits and accommodations for differently-abled candidates, applicants need to submit a valid disability certificate issued by a recognized medical authority. This certificate verifies the nature and extent of the candidate’s disability.

3. Specific Requirements: The disability certificate must clearly mention the specific requirements and accommodations needed by the candidate during the examination.

4. Inform ICAI: During the online registration process, there is a provision for differently-abled candidates to indicate their specific needs and upload the disability certificate. Ensure that you provide accurate information to receive appropriate support during the exams.

Support and Accommodations for Differently-Abled Candidates

The ICAI is committed to providing necessary support and accommodations to differently-abled candidates to ensure a level playing field during the examination. Some common provisions include:

1. Extra Time: Differently-abled candidates may be granted extra time to complete their exams, depending on the nature and extent of their disability.

2. Scribe/Reader: For candidates with visual or writing impairments, the ICAI arranges for scribes or readers to assist them during the examination.

3. Separate Venue: Depending on the specific requirements, the ICAI may arrange for a separate examination venue for differently-abled candidates to ensure a conducive environment.

4. Braille Question Papers: For candidates with visual impairments, the ICAI provides Braille question papers to enable them to read and attempt the exam independently.

5. Accessibility: The ICAI ensures that examination centers are accessible to differently-abled candidates, with facilities like ramps and elevators to cater to their mobility needs.

6. Assistance for Hearing Impaired Candidates: For hearing-impaired candidates, the ICAI provides interpreters or sign language experts during the examination.


The ICAI’s commitment to inclusivity extends to all aspiring Chartered Accountants, including differently-abled candidates. By providing support and accommodations, the ICAI ensures that every candidate, regardless of their abilities, can pursue their dream of becoming a qualified CA. Differently-abled candidates should take advantage of the provisions available to them and provide accurate information about their needs during the registration process.

As a society, we celebrate diversity and recognize the unique contributions of differently-abled individuals in various professions, including the field of finance and accounting. By embracing inclusivity and offering necessary support, the CA profession exemplifies its commitment to empowering every candidate to thrive and excel in their professional journey. Together, let us create an environment where every aspiring Chartered Accountant can achieve their fullest potential, enriching the CA profession and the world of finance with their diverse talents and perspectives.

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