The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has commenced the registration process for the CA Final exams scheduled for November 2023. Prospective candidates aiming to take the CA Final exams in November 2023 are required to complete their registration by the 1st of July 2023, which serves as the deadline for submitting the registration form.

It’s important to note that individuals seeking to enroll in the CA Final Course must first successfully clear the CA Intermediate Exam. Furthermore, they are also mandated to fulfill a 2.5-year period of Articleship training. This training period is a prerequisite for becoming eligible to register for the CA Final Course.

The ICAI is responsible to conduct the CA Final Exam every year. The ICAI Conducts the CA Final Exam twice a year, in May and Nov. In order to register for the CA Final course, the students must go to SSP Portal and register for the same.

ICAI Final Registration Important Dates

The students who want to register for the CA Final Course in Nov 2023, must be aware of the dates for the CA Final important dates.

Events CA Final Registration Important Dates 
Issue of ICAI CA Final Registration Form Open throughout the year 
Last date of Registration for the May 2024 Examination 1st January 2024
Last Date of Registration for Nov 2023 Examination1st July 2023
Upon the completion of CA Intermediate examinations for both groups, students have the opportunity to initiate the articleship phase. Notably, they are now able to apply for the CA Final exams without being subject to the customary six-month waiting period subsequent to the conclusion of their articleship. This modification in procedure offers a time-saving advantage.
For those who have effectively cleared the CA Intermediate groups, it is imperative to ensure prompt registration for the forthcoming CA Final exams within the stipulated timeframe.

CA Final Registration Fees

The ICAI sets the registration fees for the CA Final Students for Indian and international students. The students can pay the fees through a Credit card, debit card, or net banking. Now, check the fees for CA Final registration in Nov 2023 and May 2024 in the table below:

Fee DetailsIndian StudentsForeign Students
CA Final Registration fee Nov 2023Rs. 22000$1100

Eligibility Criteria for ICAI Final Registration

According to the guidelines established by the ICAI, meeting the minimum eligibility standards to participate in the ICAI CA Final Examination entails achieving a minimum aggregate percentage of 50% in the CA Intermediate/CA IPCC Examination, along with securing a minimum of 40% marks in each individual subject.

For the CA Final examination, there is no direct entry route available; students are required to satisfy the condition of successfully clearing the examination while fulfilling a minimum of 2.5 years of articleship training.

Aspiring candidates who are preparing to take the ICAI CA Final Examination have the option to apply for either one or both groups of the examination. It is essential for them to ensure accurate completion of the CA Final Registration Process prior to the designated deadline.

ICAI Final Registration Procedure

Prospective candidates can initiate their registration process for the ICAI CA Final Examination by completing the Online ICAI Final Registration Form, accessible on the official ICAI website.

The procedure to apply for the CA Final Registration involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the Official ICAI Website: Candidates appearing for the exam must begin by accessing the official ICAI website.
  2. Login and Choose SSP Portal: After reaching the website, candidates need to log in using their Registration ID and password. Subsequently, they are required to select the SSP (Self-Service Portal) to initiate the CA Final Registration Process.
  3. Select Student or Article Cycle: Upon accessing the SSP portal, candidates will encounter two options: “Student Cycle” and “Article Cycle.”
  4. Click on Student Cycle: To register for the CA Final Examination, candidates should click on the “Student Cycle” option.
  5. Choose CA Final Course Level: In this step, candidates must indicate their preference for the CA Final course level.
  6. Enter Registration Details: A subsequent page will prompt candidates to provide all necessary details within the CA Final Registration Form.
  7. Review and Verify Documents: It is advisable for candidates to carefully review and verify the provided details and documents.
  8. Upload Documents: Candidates are required to upload essential documents, including marks sheets and training certificates.
  9. Submit Application Fee: Once the document upload is complete, candidates will be prompted to submit the CA Final Application Form Fee. This fee can be paid through options such as Debit card, Credit card, or Net banking.
  10. Complete Recaptcha and Confirm Submission: To finalize the submission of the ICAI Final Registration Form Fee, candidates need to enter the Recaptcha code.

In the event of errors or the need for modifications, such as changes in language, examination center, or elective paper, candidates must wait for the correction window to open. This window allows for amendments free of cost.

Subsequently, the study material required for the examination will be dispatched to the registered address of the student via the Centralized Dispatch System (CDS).

Documents required for the ICAI Final Registration

During the process of completing the CA Final Registration, students are obligated to furnish several essential documents. The following list outlines the necessary documents that CA Intermediate/CA IPCC students need to provide while filling out their CA Final Registration:

  1. Candidate’s Signature: A clear signature of the candidate is required as part of the registration process.
  2. Passport-size Photograph: Students should include a recent passport-sized photograph of themselves.
  3. Attested Copy of CA IPCC/Intermediate Exam Result: A duly attested copy of the CA IPCC/Intermediate examination result needs to be submitted.
  4. Attested Copy of CA Foundation/CPT Exam: An attested copy of the CA Foundation/CPT examination certificate is necessary.
  5. Certificate of Nationality: Students are expected to provide a certificate confirming their nationality.
  6. Attested Copy of Special Category Certificate: If applicable, an attested copy of any special category certificate must be submitted.

It’s important to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of these documents during the CA Final Registration process.

How to Check ICAI Final Registration Status?

Upon the successful culmination of the CA Final Registration process, students are strongly recommended to verify their CA Final Registration status. Ordinarily, following the satisfactory completion of CA Final Registration, students will receive a confirmation email along with their password. However, if this confirmation email is not received, students are advised to promptly inquire about the situation either through their regional office or by reaching out to customer support.

For the convenience of students, an online method to check their CA Final Registration status is available through the ICAI website. The steps to follow are as follows:

Check CA Final Registration Status Online:

  1. Visit the official ICAI website and locate the e-services tab in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the option labeled “Reprint Letter.”
  3. Provide the details that were furnished during the registration process to confirm the status of your CA Final registration form.

Criteria for Passing the CA Final Exam:
The CA Final syllabus is divided into two groups, and candidates have the flexibility to appear for either one group or both groups simultaneously, depending on their level of preparedness.

Attaining the status of a Chartered Accountant (CA) is contingent upon clearing the CA Final Examination in both groups. A candidate is deemed to have passed when they secure a minimum of 40% marks in each paper within a group and a collective score of 50% across all subjects within the group.

ICAI Final Registration Validity

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers a validity period of 5 years for the ICAI Final Registration. This means that students who have previously registered for the CA Final Examination are granted a certain number of attempts to participate in the CA Final Examination. However, during each attempt, they are required to complete the process of filling out the CA Final Application or Examination Form.

Known as CA Final Revalidation, after the initial 5-year period, students have the option to apply for the revalidation of their CA Final Registration Form. This revalidation provides them with an extension of 5 additional years to continue their pursuit.

The process of ICAI Final Registration Revalidation entails the following details:

CA Final Registration Revalidation:

  • The revalidation of the CA Final Registration form involves a fee of Rs. 500.
  • This revalidation extends the registration’s validity for a duration of 5 years.
  • Once the original ICAI Final Registration form has expired, students must initiate the revalidation process through the official ICAI website to extend their registration.

By undergoing the revalidation process, students can maintain their eligibility and continue their journey towards the CA Final Examination even after the initial 5-year registration period has lapsed.

Below is the process to apply for the CA Final Registration form Revalidation. 

Step-1 Students have to visit the services portal of the ICAI website to revalidate the CA Final Registration form. 

Step-2 Now you have to click on the Student SSP portal. 

Step-3 Click on the student cycle, and you will be landed in a dashboard section. 

Step-4 Click on the other forms in the left sidebar menu. 


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