A Change of Venue: Can I Alter My CA Exam Center After Submitting the Application?


The Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams are a crucial milestone for aspiring Chartered Accountants, and selecting the right exam center is vital for a smooth and stress-free examination experience. However, unforeseen circumstances or changes in personal situations may prompt candidates to reconsider their chosen exam center after submitting their application. In this blog, we will explore whether candidates can change their CA exam center after submitting the application and the guidelines surrounding such requests.

A Change of Venue: Can I Alter My CA Exam Center After Submitting the Application?

Can I Change My CA Exam Center After Submitting the Application?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of your country (ICAI) understands that life can be unpredictable, and candidates may face genuine reasons for wanting to change their CA exam center after submitting the application. To cater to such situations, the ICAI provides certain provisions for candidates to request a change in their exam center.

Procedure for Changing the CA Exam Center

1. Check Eligibility: Before requesting a change in the exam center, candidates should first verify if the ICAI allows for such modifications. The ICAI typically sets a specific deadline for submitting center change requests.

2. Valid Reasons: Candidates must have valid and genuine reasons for requesting a change in the exam center. Common valid reasons include a change in residence, medical emergencies, or unavoidable personal circumstances.

3. Contact ICAI Regional Office: To initiate the process, candidates should contact the regional office of the ICAI through which they submitted their application. The regional office is responsible for processing center change requests.

4. Provide Supporting Documents: Along with the request, candidates must furnish supporting documents that validate their reasons for the center change. This may include address proof, medical certificates, or any other relevant documentation.

5. Pay Necessary Fees: The ICAI may require candidates to pay a nominal fee for processing center change requests. Candidates should inquire about the applicable fees while submitting their request.

6. Await Confirmation: After submitting the request and required documents, candidates must wait for the ICAI’s decision. The ICAI will notify candidates about the approval or rejection of their center change request.

Important Considerations

1. Deadline: Center change requests typically have specific deadlines set by the ICAI. Candidates should submit their requests within the stipulated timeframe to be considered.

2. Availability: The ICAI will consider center change requests based on seat availability at the desired exam center. If the center is already full, the request may not be accommodated.

3. Practicality: The ICAI will assess the feasibility of the center change, taking into account the candidate’s location, the availability of seats, and other logistical factors.


While changing the CA exam center after submitting the application is possible under certain circumstances, candidates should keep in mind that such requests are subject to the ICAI’s approval and seat availability. It is essential to have valid reasons and submit supporting documents to strengthen the case for a center change. Candidates should also adhere to the ICAI’s specified deadline for submitting such requests.

As you prepare for your CA exams, remember that careful planning and thoughtful decisions are crucial to a successful examination experience. While the ICAI strives to accommodate genuine requests for center changes, it is essential to consider the practicality and feasibility of the request. Stay focused, remain well-prepared, and let your dedication and commitment shine through as you pursue your dream of becoming a qualified Chartered Accountant.

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