Welcome to Agarwal Coaching Centre, the epitome of excellence in CMA (Cost and Management Accountant) coaching in Guwahati. If you aspire to embark on a successful career in finance and management, you’ve come to the right place. Our renowned coaching center is dedicated to nurturing future finance professionals and empowering them to achieve their dreams.

Best CMA Coaching in Guwahati

At Agarwal Coaching Centre, we believe that the foundation of a successful career lies in strong fundamentals and comprehensive understanding. With this philosophy, we have meticulously crafted our CMA coaching program, designed to cater to both beginners and experienced learners alike. Our team of highly qualified and experienced instructors provides personalized attention and expert guidance, ensuring that each student reaches their full potential.

We understand that preparing for the CMA exams can be both challenging and demanding. Therefore, we have created a supportive and motivating learning environment that fosters intellectual growth and self-confidence. Our state-of-the-art facilities and modern teaching methodologies aid students in grasping complex concepts with ease.

As a leading CMA coaching institute in Guwahati, we are committed to staying updated with the latest trends and changes in the CMA curriculum. We regularly review our study materials and conduct mock exams to give our students an edge in their preparation. Our focus on practical knowledge and real-world applications equips students to excel not only in exams but also in their professional careers.

Choosing the right coaching center is vital for your success, and at Agarwal Coaching Centre, we take that responsibility seriously. Join us, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Discover the best version of yourself as you embark on a rewarding career as a Cost and Management Accountant. Your future begins here!

Our CMA Course Faculties

CA Rakesh Agarwalla Founder , Agarwal coaching centre

Rakesh Agarwal is a highly accomplished professional Teacher, holding the prestigious qualification of being a Chartered Accountant, with an outstanding academic track record. He demonstrated exceptional talent by passing all his CA Exams conducted by the ICAI on his first attempt, scoring more than 90% marks in the NCFM, stock, and capital market Examinations. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B.com).

Throughout the past 15 years, He  has dedicated himself to teaching and has positively impacted the lives of over 10,000 professional students. His teaching abilities are highly regarded, and he is renowned for delivering motivating talks that inspire his students.  He primarily focuses on teaching Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Management subjects, and his passion for helping students shines through in his teaching approach.

Anant Kashliwal is a passionate teacher with qualifications as a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary. Since 2015, he has been actively engaged in the field of education and has successfully taught over 8000 aspiring professionals. His expertise lies in teaching various subjects, including Accounting, Economics, and Audit.

CS Manisha Kedia is a qualified Company Secretary and M.com. Her teaching experience is 7 year and has taught  more than 5000 professional students. Her area of expertise is Business communication and Law subjects for various professional courses.

CS Satabdee Sengupta  is a qualified Company Secretary and LLB. Her teaching experience is 5 year and has taught  more than 3000 professional students. Her area of expertise is Law subjects

CMA Course Flowchart

CMA Course Flowchart

Structure of CMA Course

CMA Course is divided into 3 levels namely

  1. CMA Foundation
  2. CMA Intermediate
  3. CMA Final

CMA Foundation Syllabus

Paper 1: Fundamentals of Business Laws and Business Communication 

Paper 2: Fundamentals of Financial and Cost Accounting 

Paper 3: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics 

Paper 4: Fundamentals of Business Economics and Management

CMA Intermediate Syllabus


Paper 5: Business Laws and Ethics

Paper 6: Financial Accounting

Paper 7: Direct and Indirect Taxation

Paper 8: Cost Accounting


Paper 9: Operations Management and Strategic Management

Paper 10: Corporate Accounting and Auditing

Paper 11: Financial Management and Business Data Analytics

Paper 12: Management Accounting

CMA Final Syllabus


Paper 13: Corporate and Economic Laws 
Paper 14: Strategic Financial Management 
Paper 15: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation 
Paper 16: Strategic Cost Management 


Paper 17: Cost and Management Audit 
Paper 18: Corporate Financial Reporting 
Paper 19: Indirect Tax Laws and Practice 


Paper 20A: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation 
Paper 20B: Risk Management in Banking and Insurance 
Paper 20C: Entrepreneurship and Startup 

Students are required to select any one of the three Elective Papers (20A/20B/20C) at the time of enrolment for the Final Course.

CMA Foundation Offline Batch at Guwahati Centre details

Offline Batches for CMA Foundation at Agarwal Coaching scheduled as follows

Sl. No.Batch startingBatch completion
110th April10th September
210th May10th Oct
310th June10th Nov
410th August10th January
510th November10th April

CMA Intermediate Offline Batch at Guwahati Centre details

Offline Batches for CMA Intermediate at Agarwal Coaching scheduled as follows

Sl. No.Batch startingBatch completion
115th August 15th Feb
215th Nov15th May
315th January15th August

CMA Online Classes at Agarwal Coaching

Why should you join Agarwal Coaching for CMA coaching?

  1. Expert Faculty: Our coaching centre boasts a team of highly experienced professionals who bring real-world expertise to the classroom. They stay up-to-date with the latest syllabuses and exam patterns, ensuring students receive the best guidance and mentorship.

  2. Comprehensive Learning Materials: We understand the importance of well-prepared study materials in effective learning. Our carefully curated course materials are regularly updated to keep students informed and prepared for their exams.

  3. Personalized Attention: Recognizing that each student is unique, we maintain small class sizes to provide individual attention. This approach allows students to freely interact with teachers, clarify doubts, and receive personalized support.

  4. Regular Practice Tests: To track progress and boost confidence, we conduct frequent practice tests that simulate real exam conditions. These tests offer valuable insights and enable students to identify areas for improvement.

  5. Career Guidance: We go beyond academic support and offer career orientation and advice to our students. By exploring various career paths and providing insights into the professional world, we empower students to make well-informed decisions about their future.

  6. Motivational Sessions

  7. Doubt Sessions

At Agarwal Coaching Centre, we are committed to providing a nurturing and conducive learning environment for CMA aspirants that helps students excel academically and prepares them for a successful future.

Small Batch sizes of CMA face to face Class at Agarwal Coaching

Small batch sizes for CMA classes at Agarwal Coaching Centre in Guwahati offers several benefits for both students and the coaching center:

1. Personalized Attention: With fewer students in each batch, the faculty can focus on individual learning needs. They can identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and adapt teaching methods accordingly, leading to better understanding and clarity.

2. Increased Interaction: Smaller groups encourage active participation, discussion, and questioning among students. This fosters a collaborative learning environment where students can engage with the subject matter more effectively.

3. Better Classroom Management: Managing a smaller batch is more manageable for the instructors, enabling them to maintain discipline and ensure a focused and productive learning environment.

4. Faster Progression: With fewer students to cater to, the instructors can cover the syllabus at a pace suitable for the majority. This allows for quicker progress and more time for revision and practice before the CMA examination.

5. Enhanced Student-Teacher Relationship: Smaller batches facilitate stronger bonds between students and instructors. Students feel more comfortable seeking guidance and discussing academic concerns, leading to a positive impact on motivation and overall learning experience.

6. Customized Teaching Strategies: Instructors can tailor their teaching techniques to suit the specific needs and learning styles of the group. This adaptability ensures a more effective learning process for all students.

7. Greater Accountability: With limited students, tracking individual progress becomes more manageable. The coaching center can closely monitor each student’s performance and provide necessary support and guidance.

8. More Engaging Activities: Smaller batches allow for more interactive and dynamic teaching methods, such as group discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, making the classes more engaging and enriching.

9. Improved Exam Preparation: Regular mock tests and assessments conducted within small batches help students become familiar with exam formats and time management. This boosts their confidence and performance in the CMA exam.

In conclusion, small batch sizes offer numerous advantages that create a conducive and effective learning environment for CMA students at Agarwal Coaching Centre in Guwahati.

Mock Tests and Practice Sessions for CMA at Agarwal Coaching

Mock tests at Agarwal Coaching for CMA course offer numerous advantages that greatly enhance the preparation process for aspiring chartered accountants. Let’s explore some key benefits:

1. Assessment of Preparedness: Mock tests allow students to gauge their readiness for the actual CMA exam. By simulating real exam conditions, candidates can identify their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects and topics.

2. Time Management Skills: Taking mock tests under timed conditions helps students practice time management. They learn to allocate their time wisely among different sections of the exam, improving their chances of completing the actual exam within the given time frame.

3. Familiarity with Exam Pattern: CMA mock tests mimic the actual exam pattern, structure, and format. By becoming familiar with the exam’s layout, students feel more at ease during the real test and can focus on answering questions effectively.

4. Reducing Exam Anxiety: Regularly attempting mock tests can help reduce exam anxiety. As students become more comfortable with the test format and improve their performance, they gain confidence in their abilities, which is invaluable on the actual exam day.

5. Identifying Weak Areas: Mock tests provide detailed feedback on a student’s performance, helping them identify weak areas. This enables candidates to concentrate on improving specific topics or subjects before the final exam.

6. Practice with Diverse Questions: Mock tests cover a wide range of questions from different topics, ensuring students have practiced extensively across the entire syllabus. This exposure prepares them to handle any question that may appear in the actual exam.

7. Reviewing Mistakes: Analyzing mock test results allows students to understand their mistakes and rectify them. It’s an opportunity to learn from errors and develop better answering strategies, ultimately improving overall performance.

8. Tracking Progress: Taking multiple mock tests over time enables candidates to track their progress. They can see how they have improved from one test to another, motivating them to maintain consistency in their preparation.

9. Boosting Confidence: Consistent practice through mock tests can boost a candidate’s confidence. Knowing that they have put in the necessary effort and performed well in practice exams gives them the belief that they can succeed in the actual CMA exam.

10. Revision and Reinforcement: Mock tests serve as a comprehensive revision tool. By attempting different sets of questions, students reinforce their understanding of various concepts and increase retention of critical information.

In conclusion, mock tests are an indispensable component of the CMA Exams, and students are likely to benefit significantly from incorporating them into their study routine.

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FAQ- by CMA students at Guwahati, Assam

Q: What is the eligibility criteria to join Agarwal Coaching Centre's CMA Coaching program?

To join the CMA Coaching program, you must have completed at least 10+2 or an equivalent qualification/ Graduation (Science /arts /commerce)

Q: What are the different modes of CMA coaching available at Agarwal Coaching Centre?

Agarwal Coaching Centre offers both classroom-based and online CMA coaching options, allowing students to choose the mode that suits them best.

Q: Who are the faculty members at Agarwal Coaching Centre for CMA coaching?

Agarwal Coaching Centre has a team of experienced and qualified faculty members who have a deep understanding of the CMA course curriculum.

Q: What is the duration of the CMA coaching program at Agarwal Coaching Centre?

The duration of the CMA coaching program varies based on the level of CMA (Foundation, Intermediate, or Final) and the mode of coaching. Generally, it ranges from 6 months to 1 year.

Q: Does Agarwal Coaching Centre provide study materials for the CMA course?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre provides comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, notes, and practice papers, to help students prepare for the CMA exams.

Q: Are there any mock tests or practice exams conducted at Agarwal Coaching Centre for CMA students?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre conducts regular mock tests and practice exams to assess students’ progress and prepare them for the actual CMA exams.

Q: What is the fee structure for the CMA coaching program at Agarwal Coaching Centre?

The fee structure may vary based on the level of CMA and the mode of coaching. It is best to inquire with the institute directly for the latest fee details.

Please Call us at 9401934592 (between 10 am to 6 pm)

or visit our Office.

Q: Does Agarwal Coaching Centre offer any scholarships or financial assistance for CMA coaching?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre may offer scholarships or financial aid based on certain criteria. Students can inquire about such opportunities at the time of admission.

Q: Does Agarwal Coaching Centre provide placement assistance to CMA students after completing the course?

Agarwal Coaching Centre provides placement assistance and guidance to CMA students, helping them connect with potential employers and job opportunities.

Q: Can I switch from the classroom-based coaching to online coaching, or vice versa, during the course?

Yes, in certain cases, you may be able to switch between classroom-based and online coaching. However, it is subject to availability and specific institute policies

Q: Are there any additional study resources or online platforms available for CMA students at Agarwal Coaching Centre?

Agarwal Coaching Centre may provide access to online learning platforms and resources to supplement students’ preparation for the CMA exams.

Q: How can I enroll for the CMA coaching program at Agarwal Coaching Centre?

To enroll for the CMA coaching program, you can visit the institute’s website or contact them directly through phone or email for the enrollment process.

Q: What is the success rate of Agarwal Coaching Centre's students in the CMA exams?

Agarwal Coaching Centre has a commendable track record of producing successful CMA candidates. The success rate may vary from year to year and across different levels of the CMA exams.

Q: Is there any flexibility in the class timings for working professionals who want to pursue CMA coaching at Agarwal Coaching Centre?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre understands the needs of working professionals and may offer flexible class timings or weekend batches to accommodate their schedules.

Q: Does Agarwal Coaching Centre provide personalized attention and doubt-clearing sessions for students during the CMA coaching program?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre emphasizes personalized attention and conducts doubt-clearing sessions to ensure that students receive proper guidance and support.

Q: Are there any group discounts available for students who enroll together in the CMA coaching program at Agarwal Coaching Centre?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre may offer group discounts for students who enroll together or in bulk, subject to specific terms and conditions.

Q: What sets Agarwal Coaching Centre apart from other CMA coaching institutes in the area?

Agarwal Coaching Centre prides itself on its experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials, personalized attention, and consistent track record of successful CMA candidates.

Q: Does Agarwal Coaching Centre provide online support or study groups for CMA students to interact and discuss course-related queries?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre may offer online support forums or study groups where CMA students can interact, collaborate, and discuss course-related queries.

Q: Does Agarwal Coaching Centre have tie-ups with any reputed companies or organizations for internships or practical training during the CMA course?

Yes, Agarwal Coaching Centre may have tie-ups with companies or organizations for internships or practical training opportunities to enhance students’ practical knowledge.

Agarwal Coaching Centre in Guwahati stands as a paragon of excellence in CMA (Cost and Management Accountant) coaching. With its unwavering commitment to providing top-notch education and guidance, Agarwal Coaching Centre has garnered a reputation as a leading institute in the field.

Through its meticulously designed curriculum, experienced faculty, and cutting-edge teaching methodologies, Agarwal Coaching Centre empowers aspiring CMAs to achieve their goals and excel in their professional careers. The institute’s focus on conceptual clarity, practical applications, and problem-solving skills equips students with the knowledge and confidence to face the CMA examinations with poise and competence.

The success stories of countless students who have secured outstanding results in their CMA examinations and embarked on successful careers are a testament to the effectiveness of Agarwal Coaching Centre’s approach.

Whether you are a fresh graduate, a working professional seeking career advancement, or an individual passionate about finance and management, Agarwal Coaching Centre welcomes you with open arms to join its CMA coaching program and embark on a transformative learning journey.

In choosing Agarwal Coaching Centre, you can be assured that you are making a wise investment in your future, as you’ll be guided by the best minds in the industry and equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic world of management accountancy.

So, take the first step towards a fulfilling career and a brighter future by enrolling in Agarwal Coaching Centre’s CMA coaching program. Join us today and let your aspirations soar to new heights!

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