In the dynamic world of finance and commerce, the Chartered Accountancy (CA) profession stands as a cornerstone of expertise, providing individuals with the acumen to navigate complex financial landscapes and guide businesses toward success. Recognizing the significance of this profession, For students residing in Guwahati, Assam, one name stands out in the realm of best CA Intermediate coaching Classes in Guwahati, Assam – Agarwal Coaching Centre..

At Agarwal Coaching Centre, we understand that achieving success in the CA Intermediate examinations requires more than just memorizing facts and concepts. It necessitates a comprehensive approach that blends comprehensive study material with expert guidance, practical exposure, and a conducive learning environment. Founded with a passion for education and a vision to empower students, Agarwal Coaching Centre has established itself as a preeminent institute that not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates the skills and mindset required for CA Intermediate success.

Best CA Intermediate Coaching classes in guwahati, assam

Our journey began with a commitment to providing the highest quality of education, focusing not only on academic excellence but also on character building and holistic growth. Over the years, we have consistently upheld these values, adapting our teaching methodologies to align with the evolving patterns of the CA Intermediate examinations. Our success is evident through the countless students who have not only passed their exams but have also thrived in their professional careers.

Agarwal Coaching Centre boasts a team of exceptional educators and industry experts who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of Chartered Accountancy. Our faculty members are not just teachers; they are mentors who guide, motivate, and inspire students to reach their full potential. With a student-centric approach, we ensure that each student receives personalized attention, addressing their individual needs and challenges.

Beyond the classroom, Agarwal Coaching Centre provides a stimulating learning environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Our comprehensive study material, regular mock tests, and interactive workshops foster a deep understanding of the subjects while instilling confidence in tackling even the most complex concepts. We believe that practical exposure is vital in the journey of becoming a successful CA, and thus we provide opportunities for students to engage with real-world scenarios and case studies.

CA Intermediate Eligibility

Eligibility criteria for registering in the Intermediate Course through the Foundation Route:

Candidates who have successfully passed the Foundation Examination and the Class 12th examination conducted by an examining body recognized by law in India, or an examination acknowledged as equivalent by either the Central Government or the State Government, are eligible for registration to the Intermediate Course through the Foundation Route.

Eligibility criteria for registering in the Intermediate Course through the Direct Entry Route:

Candidates holding Commerce-related Graduation or Post-Graduation degrees with a minimum of 55% marks, or Graduates/Post-Graduates from fields other than Commerce with a minimum of 60% marks, or individuals who have cleared the Intermediate level of examinations from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India/Institute of Cost Accountants of India are eligible for registration to the Intermediate Course through the Direct Entry Route.

CA Intermediate Registration

CA Intermediate Syllabus

Group I:

  • Paper 1: Advanced Accounting                   (100 marks)
  • Paper 2: Corporate and Other Laws           (100 marks)
  • Paper 3: Taxation                     

                           Section A – Income-tax Law          (50 Marks 

                           Section B – Indirect Taxes              (50 Marks)

Group II:

  • Paper 4: Cost and Management Accounting   (100 marks)
  • Paper 5: Auditing and Ethics                                 (100 marks)  
  • Paper 6: Financial Management and Economics for Finance Strategic Management (100 marks)

CA Intermediate ICAI Study Module (Download)

CA Intermediate Passing Criteria

A student is considered to have successfully passed both groups of the Intermediate Examination under the following conditions:

Option (a): The student must achieve a minimum of 40% marks in each paper of every group during a single examination session. Additionally, the student must secure a minimum of 50% marks in the combined total of all papers within each group.

Option (b): The student must attain a minimum of 40% marks in each paper of both groups during a single examination session. Moreover, the student must achieve a minimum of 50% marks in the cumulative total of all papers from both groups.

Alternatively, a student will be deemed to have passed a specific group if, during a single examination session, the student obtains a minimum of 40% marks in each paper of that particular group. Additionally, the student must secure a minimum of 50% marks in the overall total of all papers within that group. It’s important to note that the student has the option to pass both groups individually in separate examination sessions.

Our CA Intermediate Faculties

Group I:Faculty
Paper 1: Advanced Accounting                   CA Anant Kashliwal
Paper 2: Corporate and Other Laws           CS Manisha Kedia
Paper 3: Taxation                     CA Rakesh Agarwal
                           Section A – Income-tax Law         
                           Section B – Indirect Taxes             
Group II: 
Paper 4: Cost and Management Accounting   CA Rakesh Agarwal
Paper 5: Auditing and Ethics                                 CA Rounak Choudhury
Paper 6: Financial Management and Economics for Finance Strategic Management CA Rakesh Agarwal

Meet Our CA Intermediate Experts

Rakesh Agarwal stands as a certified Chartered Accountant. He showcased his exceptional academic prowess by achieving success in all of his CA Exams administered by the ICAI on his initial attempt, securing an outstanding score of over 90% in the NCFM, stock, and capital market Examinations. Notably, he holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (

With an extensive track record spanning 15 years, he has imparted his knowledge to a diverse array of over 10,000 aspiring professional students. His teaching methodology is widely esteemed, attributed to his exceptional pedagogical aptitude and inspirational discourse. Among students, Rakesh Agarwal has garnered substantial acclaim for his exceptional teaching acumen and his ability to provide motivational talks that resonate deeply.

CA Anant Kashliwal is a  Chartered Accountant and a  Company Secretary. He has been in teaching profession since 2015 and taught more than 7000 professional students. His area of Teaching includes Accounting, Economics, Audit.

CS Manisha Kedia is a  Company Secretary and Her teaching experience is 6 year and has taught  more than 4000 professional students. Her area of expertise is Business communication and Law subjects for various professional courses.

CS Satabdee Sengupta is a Company Secretary , a lawyer and She has excellent academic records. She has been in teaching from last 5 years and taught more than 5000 students. Her area of Teaching is Law subject for various professional courses.

Why should you join Agarwal Coaching for CA Intermediate Coaching

1. Experienced Faculty: The coaching centre boasts a team of highly experienced and qualified faculty members who have a deep understanding of the CA Intermediate curriculum. They are adept at explaining complex concepts in a simplified manner, ensuring students grasp the material effectively.

2. Comprehensive Study Material: The coaching centre provides well-structured study materials that cover the entire CA Intermediate syllabus. These materials are designed to complement classroom teaching and include detailed explanations, practice questions, and examples to facilitate thorough understanding.

3. Personalized Attention: We maintains smaller batch sizes to ensure that each student receives personalized attention from the faculty. This approach allows students to ask questions, clarify doubts, and engage in discussions effectively.

4. Regular Mock Tests: Mock tests are an integral part of the coaching program. Agarwal Coaching Centre conducts regular mock tests that simulate the CA Intermediate exam environment. This helps students become familiar with the exam pattern, manage time efficiently, and assess their progress.

5. Doubt Resolution Sessions: We organizes dedicated doubt resolution sessions where students can clarify their doubts and seek assistance from the faculty. These sessions are essential for addressing specific challenges that students might encounter while studying.

6. Progress Tracking: Agarwal Coaching Centre employs a systematic approach to track students’ progress. Regular assessments, assignments, and mock test scores are monitored, allowing both students and faculty to identify areas that require more attention and improvement.

7. Revision Workshops: To reinforce learning and enhance retention, we conducts revision workshops. These workshops help students revise important concepts, formulas, and techniques before the exams, boosting their confidence.

8. Exam Strategy and Tips: Faculty members at Agarwal Coaching Centre share valuable exam strategies and tips that help students approach the CA Intermediate exams with confidence. These insights include time management techniques, question prioritization, and effective study routines.

9. Peer Learning Environment: Interacting with fellow students who are also preparing for the CA Intermediate exams fosters a healthy peer learning environment. Group discussions, study groups, and collaborative learning activities enable students to share insights and learn from one another.

10. Past Success Record: Our past success record in helping students achieve excellent results in the CA Intermediate exams is a testament to the effectiveness of their teaching methodologies and support systems.

11. Supportive Staff: Beyond the teaching faculty, Our administrative staff is available to assist students with any administrative or logistical queries they might have.

12. Comfortable Infrastructure: We provides a conducive learning environment with well-equipped classrooms, study spaces, and facilities that contribute to a positive learning experience.

CA Intermediate Upcoming Offline Batch details

Batch NumberStarting MonthCourse completionTarget Exam
1August 10th, 2023January 10th, 2024May-24
2November 10th ,2023April 10th ,  2024May and Nov 2024
310th April 202410th Oct  2024Nov-24
410th June 202410th Oct  2024Nov-24

CA Intermediate Online Live Batch details

Small Batch sizes in CA Intermediate face to face Class

The Agarwal Coaching Centre in Guwahati provides CA Intermediate classes with a focus on small batch sizes, offering a range of benefits for both students and the coaching center:

1. Personalized Attention: By keeping the batch sizes small, instructors can dedicate more time and attention to each student’s learning needs. This personalized approach allows for tailored teaching methods that enhance understanding and clarity.

2. Increased Interaction: Smaller groups encourage active participation, enabling students to engage in discussions, ask questions, and collaborate more effectively. This interactive atmosphere promotes a deeper grasp of the subject matter.

3. Better Classroom Management: Managing smaller batches is more efficient for instructors, leading to a well-organized and disciplined learning environment that maximizes the effectiveness of each session.

4. Faster Progression: With fewer students to cater to, instructors can cover the syllabus at an optimal pace. This accelerated progression allows for ample time for revision and practice before the CA Intermediate examination.

5. Enhanced Student-Teacher Relationship: The intimacy of smaller batches fosters stronger bonds between students and instructors. This close rapport encourages students to seek guidance, leading to increased motivation and a positive learning experience.

6. Customized Teaching Strategies: Instructors can adapt their teaching techniques to suit the unique learning styles and preferences of the group. This adaptability ensures that every student benefits from effective instruction.

7. Greater Accountability: Tracking individual progress becomes more feasible in smaller batches. The coaching center can closely monitor each student’s performance and offer timely support and guidance.

8. More Engaging Activities: The reduced class size allows for a variety of interactive teaching methods, including group discussions, case studies, and practical exercises. These activities make classes more engaging and enriching.

9. Improved Exam Preparation: Regular mock tests and assessments within small batches familiarize students with exam formats and time management. This preparation enhances students’ confidence and performance during the CA Intermediate exam.

In summary, the Agarwal Coaching Centre in Guwahati recognizes the advantages of small batch sizes in creating an effective and supportive learning environment for CA Intermediate students.

Our CA Intermediate Study Modules

Our Mock Tests and Practice Sessions for CA Intermediate

We offer comprehensive mock Tests for CA Intermediate Exams. Mock tests play a crucial role in preparing students for the actual exam by simulating real exam conditions and helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Here are some special features to consider when designing mock tests for CA Intermediate at Agarwal coaching:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: Ensure that the mock tests cover all the relevant topics and subjects that are part of the CA Intermediate syllabus. This will give students a holistic view of their preparation and help them identify any gaps in their knowledge.

2. Timed Exams: Mock tests should be time-bound, reflecting the actual exam conditions. This helps students practice time management and familiarize themselves with the pace at which they need to answer questions.

3. Difficulty Levels: Include questions of varying difficulty levels, ranging from easy to challenging. This allows students to gauge their preparedness across different complexity levels and adjust their study strategy accordingly.

4. Realistic Question Patterns: Design questions that mirror the format and style of questions commonly seen in the CA Intermediate exam. This familiarity can reduce anxiety and improve students’ confidence on the actual exam day.

5. Question Bank: Create a large question bank from which you can randomly select questions for each mock test. This prevents students from memorizing answers and promotes a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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FAQ- by CA Intermediate students at Guwahati, Assam

Who can enroll in the CA Intermediate Coaching program?

Any student who has cleared the CA Foundation exam or holds a relevant accounting degree can enroll in our CA Intermediate Coaching program.

What are the teaching methods employed by Agarwal Coaching?

We utilize a combination of interactive lectures, case studies, mock tests, and personalized doubt-solving sessions to ensure comprehensive understanding and exam readiness.

How experienced are the faculty members?

Our faculty members are highly experienced and possess in-depth knowledge of the CA Intermediate syllabus. They have a proven track record of producing successful CA candidates.

What is the duration of the CA Intermediate Coaching program?

The duration of the program typically ranges from 9 to 12 months, depending on the batch schedule and the pace of the curriculum.

Does Agarwal Coaching provide study materials?

Yes, we provide comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, practice manuals, and revision notes, which are curated to align with the CA Intermediate syllabus.

Are there any mock tests conducted during the coaching program?

Yes, we conduct regular mock tests that mirror the actual CA Intermediate exams. These tests help students assess their progress and get accustomed to the exam format.

How does Agarwal Coaching support students' doubts and queries?

We offer dedicated doubt-solving sessions where students can interact with faculty members and clear their doubts. Additionally, students can connect with teachers via email or discussion forums.

Does the coaching center offer flexible timing options?

Yes, we understand the importance of flexibility for students. We offer both weekday and weekend batch options to accommodate various schedules.

What is the success rate of students from Agarwal Coaching in CA Intermediate exams?

Our coaching center has consistently maintained a high success rate, with a significant number of our students clearing the CA Intermediate exams with flying colors.

Is there a provision for online coaching?

Yes, we offer online coaching for CA Intermediate as well, allowing students to access lectures and materials remotely.

How does Agarwal Coaching track students' progress?

We provide regular performance feedback through mock test results and periodic assessments, helping students identify their strengths and areas needing improvement.

How can I enroll in the CA Intermediate Coaching program at Agarwal Coaching, Guwahati?

You can visit our center in person, call our helpline at 9401934592, or visit our official website to get information about enrollment procedures, batch schedules, and fees.

In the bustling educational landscape of Guwahati, Agarwal Coaching has emerged as a beacon of excellence for CA Intermediate aspirants. Through its unwavering commitment to providing top-notch education and comprehensive guidance, Agarwal Coaching has consistently proven itself as a premier institution in the field of professional education. The dedication of their experienced faculty, innovative teaching methodologies, and personalized attention to each student sets them apart and ensures that students receive the best possible preparation for their CA Intermediate examinations.

Agarwal Coaching’s track record of producing successful candidates who have excelled in their exams speaks volumes about the quality of education they provide. Their holistic approach to teaching not only focuses on imparting technical knowledge but also on developing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of the subject matter.

                                Are you ready to embark on a journey towards becoming a successful Chartered Accountant? Join us at Agarwal Coaching in Guwahati and experience a transformative learning experience that will pave the way for your future success. Our team of expert faculty members is committed to guiding you through every step of your CA Intermediate journey. Here, you’ll find a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters growth, encourages curiosity, and enables you to reach your full potential.

By enrolling at Agarwal Coaching, you’re not just becoming a student; you’re becoming a part of a community that values excellence, determination, and the pursuit of knowledge. Our personalized approach to teaching ensures that you receive the attention you deserve, helping you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of a coaching institute that has consistently set the standard for CA Intermediate education in Guwahati. Join Agarwal Coaching today and unlock a world of possibilities for your future in the realm of finance and accountancy. Your success story starts here.

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